Tuesday, January 10, 2012

N.A.F.S By Noora, Alia, Fatma and Sara

What is NAFS?
NAFS is a small enterprise of high fashion Abayas and modernized local garments, founded by four young Emirati girls. NAFS not only aims to succeed locally in the UAE, or around the Arab region, but also dreams to reach their goal of becoming internationally recognized as an Emirati brand by the fashion industry. The word NAFS is formed based on the founders initials, N stands for Noora, A for Alia, F for Fatma, and finally, S stands for Sarah, randomly disrupted initials formed a beautiful pronounced word, that is NAFS.  Any item created by NAFS represents at least one of the founder’s style and personality, in which, each has her own vision that is appreciated by the rest of the founders, thus, forming a diverse but also unified line of abaya’s and garments that are widely appreciated by fashionable women from all around the globe. 

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